Frequently Asked Q & A

1. How do I use soWHITE™ Teeth Whitening Starter Kit?

Brush your teeth before application. Twist bottom of pen to dispense whitening gel. You may need to twist the bottom of the whitening pen 20-30 times for the first use in order for the whitening gel to come out. Smile wide and start applying a thin layer of gel to your teeth. Connect your mouthpiece to a device. Put in the mouthpiece in your mouth. Power on your mouthpiece to start the whitening process. The mouthpiece automatically shuts off after 16 minutes indicating that your teeth whitening session is over. No food or drinks for 30 minutes after the whitening treatment. Rinse your mouthpiece after use. Store the whitening pens in the fridge to help them maintain their strength.


2. Does soWHITE™ Teeth Whitening works on Coffee and Wine stains?

Yes, soWHITE™ was created to change the way you smile, meaning it was formulated to erase tough stains like years of coffee or red-wine stains.


3. Does soWHITE™ Teeth Whitening cause sensitivity? 

soWHITE™ does not cause sensitivity, because of the unique, proprietary formula. However, if you have overly sensitive teeth, consult with your Dentist prior to use.


4. Can I use soWHITE™ teeth whitening if I have fillings?

Yes! However, it will not be effective on fillings.


5. Is the blue LED light safe to use? 

Yes! soWHITE™ uses an advanced Blue LED Cold Light Technology which is 100% safe to use over the age of 18.


6. Is the whitening gel safe to use?

Yes! The ingredients used are 100% safe to use. However, if you're alergic to any of the ingredients listed in the user manual or on the back of the box, avoid using the teeth whitening gel.


7. How often should I use it and for how long?

The mouthpiece automatically shuts off after 16 minutes. We recommend using for up to 16 minutes/treatment and for 7 consecutive days (If you have sensitivity, then take a break for 1-3 days, and continue). After completing the treatment cycle, we recommend using the teeth whitening on as needed basis.


8. How long do I have to wait before eating?

We recommend no food or drinks for at least 30 minutes after treatment.


9. What to do if I get the gel on my gums or lips? 

Wipe it off as best and as soon as you can. soWHITE™ is meant to be used on your teeth only.


10. Can children use it? 

No! it is recommended for safe use over the age of 18. Keep out of the reach of children!


11. Can I use soWHITE™ Teeth Whitening while pregnant or breastfeeding? 

No! It is not recommended for use!


12. Can I use the whitening gel instead of tooth paste?

No! We do not recommend!


13. What is your return policy? 

For information on return, please visit our return policy page.


14. What is your refund policy?

Once your return is received and processed at our return center you will receive a refund within 2 (two) business days.


15. Where do you ship too? 



16. How long it takes for my package to arrive?

Orders are fullfilled in the order they are received. Orders placed by 12:00pm ET are shipped the same business day and orders placed after 12:00pm ET are shipped the next business day. Once shipped, an email notification with tracking information is sent to the customer. Delivery time within the United States is 2-3 business days, and 3-14 business days on internationall orders. Delivery time is stated in calendar days. Please keep in mind that during holidays this time may vary.


17. Does soWHITE™ Teeth Whitening really work?

Absolutely! We designed soWHITE™ to change the way you smile. Our mission is to make you feel confident every time you smile.


18. What makes soWHITE™ different? 

soWHITE™ was designed with you in mind to meet the highest standards of quality, functionality and design with remarcable results. soWHITE™ was designed in the United States.


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