30 Day Money Back Results Guarantee Policy

By purchasing from www.sowhite.co, you agree with this 30 Day Money Back Results Guarantee Policy.


We guarantee a minimum of 2 (two) shades whiter teeth after using the soWHITE™ Advanced Teeth Whitening System.

If you don't experience such results, simply follow the steps bellow to start your return:

  1. Take a picture (picture with valid date and time stamp) of your teeth the day of your first application.
  2. Use your kit for 7 (seven) consecutive days, in accordance with instructions in the user manual and document your treatments.
  3. Complete your final application and take a photo of your teeth and the used gel pens (all pictures must have valid date and time stamp).
  4. Email your 8 (eight) date and time stamped pictures to support@sowhite.co. In the email subject header, include your order number (ex. 30 Day Money Back Results Guarantee for Order #).
  5. Allow 2 (two) business days for your application to be reviewed. Applications are processed in the order they are received. Once processed, you will receive an email. For more information, please read our Terms of Service.